15 Pictures Of Dogs In Food Comas 02

15 Cases Of Puppy Food Comas

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Puppies seem to be more privy than their older counterparts to this form of food coma, which is typified by loud snoring and cuteness overload. Thanks to the amazing people over the world for this list of puppy food coma awwwwwww-ness.

Pictures Made With Only a Finger 03

Pictures made with only a finger by Ben Long

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Using his finger to scribe into the layer of dirt built-up from exhaust emissions, Long creates elaborate drawings on the rear shutters of white haulage trucks. In this on-going series, collectively entitled The Great Travelling Art Exhibition, he expands upon the daubing and crude slogans that commonly adorn commercial freight vehicles. By conceiving the project […]

Top Oahu Attractions, Hawaii 01

The best tourist spots in Oahu, Hawaii

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Oahu, among the Hawaii Islands, is one of the most visited islands by tourists from around the world. From lush wildlife to amazing beaches, Oahu is a wonder for every tourist who visits it. This article speaks about some of the best attractions in Oahu. Oahu, also called “The Gathering Place” of Hawaii, is well […]

Seychelles 01

Seychelles, paradise on earth 01

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An amalgamation of romance, privacy and exclusivity, the Seychelles boasts of being one of the most beautiful places in the world. The diversity of the island landscape rushes up to greet you from the very moment you set eyes on it from that little window on your aircraft. The Seychelles people culture, history, and geography […]

Unique Food Art by Victor Nunes 01

Unique Food Art by Victor Nunes

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Artist Victor Nunes creates his unique pieces of art using a whole range of everyday items. He sees things in things, mainly faces, but other things too. Popcorn, coffee cups, nuts and even grapes come into play as Nunes sketches around the objects for his pieces. Each item takes on a whole new meaning popcorn […]